Synthetic & Real Human Hair Pieces & Extensions

Remy Couture Silky Luxury 100% Human Hair Extensions

Remy Couture Silky Luxury 100% Human Hair Extensions

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Remi Couture Silky Weave
Remy Couture by Sleek, made from the best 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair.
Each individual strand has been hand selected to ensure the best Remy hair, most luxurious and durable Real Remy Human Hair.
The hair has been optimised with a special nutritional fortification treatment to keep the hair smoothly conditioned and restore damaged cuticles. This special treatment keeps the hair moisture so that it can withstand regular heat styling and multiple washes.

Exclusively Sourced - Intricately Crafted
100% Premium Virgin Remy Human Hair
This is the very best quality hair from the manufacturers of Sleek Brand hair extensions

Ultimate quality: Remy Couture is the ultimate selection for anybody interested in quality, style and perfection.

Tangle free aligned cuticles: By carefully selecting the most rare hair in terms of purity, health and natural glow and carefully leaving its cuticle intact and aligned for strength and durability, these hair extensions are easy to manage, lively and natural.

High Ratio: These hair extensions are not just double-drawn or triple drawn, they are repeatedly drawn until virtually all short pieces are eliminated giving you great length and volume right to the end.

Nutritional Fortification: Remy Couture 100% Premium Remy Hair is made even more resiliant by nutritional fortification using revolutionary new treatments to make it last longer.

Non-shedding modern Wefts: New wefting techniques and technology have been developed to do justice to the quality of the hair resulting in wefts that minimise shedding and irritation.

100g (4oz)of Remy hair

1 continuous modern non-shedding weft

Weft length varies

Cuticle intact and aligned

Great Colour selection

Soft, Silky and full-bodied

Can be Heat Styled and COloured

Can be re-used

Perfect for making dip-dyed hair extensions