Step By Step Guide To Applying Synthetic Dreadlock Hair Extensions


First a note about sectioning…

The key to gorgeous looking extensions is good clean sectioning. By following a uniform brickwork pattern, you’ll ensure that all the dreads fall nicely and don’t leave bald looking gaps on your client’s head. Refer back to the following section when needed during the application of your clients dread extensions.


Start your sectioning with two rows at the back of the head going from ear to ear. Your next row will go above the other rows and follow round to either side of the head above the ears. You’ll need roughly 2-3 of these rows depending on how thick the client’s hair is. The next rows will be positioned across the back of the head, but not round the sides. You continue this until you get to the very top of the head, at which point you should have the majority of the dreads falling backwards. Take the remaining loose hair and allow it to fall either side of the clients hair to form a natural parting. Form rows of dreads falling either side of the client’s head on one side, then move over and do the same for the other side. After following this type of pattern, you will find that once you have finished, you should have no major gaps and the dreads should be falling in a natural looking way, as if it were their real hair.

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